Homemade Nian Gao – by Kelly Ng

Homemade Nian Gao By Bunny’s Kitchen https://www.facebook.com/media/set/edit/a.620325728067528.1073741920.555246611242107/ --------------------------- Yield : 4 disposable aluminium tray, size 13.5 x 16cm This recipe sweetness just nice, not overly sweet. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingredients : ----------------- 800g glutinous rice flour 270g white sugar 300g brown sugar 200g Gula Melaka (cut to smaller pieces) 1300g water Tools : --------- 》 Steamer / [...]

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Home-made Lemon Curd – by Ng Mee Teng

Lemon Curd:8x Egg yolks150g Castor Sugar 120ml Lemon Juice80g Unsalted Butter - Combine all ingredients in a small heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water ( double boil).- Stir constantly, till mixture thickens slightly. Remove fr heat. - Pour into a bowl or cup, cover with plastic wrap, refridgerate till cold.

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Homemade Cereal tofu – by Rina Mok

Homemade tofu4 eggs320mls unsweetened soy bean milk.Beat eggs add salt mix well.Pour in soy bean milk to above egg mixtures Steam over low flame for 7 min (look out for texture set)remove from heat to let cool Ensure flame at low heat if not the texture wouldn't be soft.  Cereal mix3/4 cup nestum original1/2 tsp salt1 [...]

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Ingredient:450gm minced pork60gm egg whites (approx 2 eggs)20gm corn flour20gm cake flour (or self raising flour)1 tbsp plain waterSeasoning :2 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tsp sugar1 tsp five spice powder1 tsp red yeast rice powder (for coloring)1 tbsp fresh ginger juice2 tsp sesame oil1/4 tsp white pepperMethod1) combine all seasoning with minced pork and mix [...]

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Chincalok Omelette

Ingredients:  4 eggs 2 tbsp chincalok Oil for frying Dashes of Pepper   Method:  - Beat eggs together with chincalok & pepper - Heat pan (I use my happycall pan) with oil - Pour egg mixture - Fry till both sides are brown - Dish out & serve

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Homemade otah paste

Chillies paste: 8soaked dried chillies, 3candle nuts, 150g shallots, 10g balacan, 15g blue ginger, turmeric powder, 3cloves garlic, curry powder Mixed wif 1tbsp corn flour & rice flour, 1tbsp coconut cream 1/2cup water. Banana Leave soak wif hot water before use

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Bak Chang – By Rachel Wai Mei Chung

Bak Chang - By Rachel Wai Mei Chung Ingredients: 500g pork belly, chopped into ~ 2cm chunks 1 kg glutinous rice 20 dried chestnuts 1 Chinese rice bowl of dried shrimps (heh bee) 1 Chinese rice bowl of dried Chinese mushrooms – I used approximately 40 tiny ones 6 salted duck eggs (we will only [...]

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Home make Luncheon meat – by Fiona Lau

Home make Luncheon meat - by Fiona Lau Ingredient: Minced pork 500g 3 tablespoons flour 1 tablespoon soy sauce Half teaspoon salt Chicken powder 2 tsp 2 tablespoons mash garlic 1 egg white 2 tablespoons water ( i use cooking wine) ½ teaspoon five-spice powder ½ tsp of red yeast powder 1 tablespoon oil 1 [...]

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