Barbie Jelly santan chocolate jelly with fondant dress – by Ang Muihoon

Recipe ..Pot A5tsp agar agar powder220g sugar ( in use 150g)200ml fresh milk1000ml thick coconutPanda leavesPot B4tsp agar agar powder120g sugar ( I use 80g)150g cooking chocolate ( melt ..put aside)50 ml fresh milk250 thick coconut..Boil pot ABoil Pot B..last add in melted cooking chocolate. .stir well....Scoop one ladle into mould layer by layer. . [...]

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Rainbow Agar Agar – by Chris Tay

Rainbow Agar AgarTransparent Agar Agar Layer10g Agar Agar Powder165g Sugar (original recipe calls for 250g which I find way too sweet)950ml water1/4 tsp Jelly Powder (optional)2 pcs Pandan Leaves (knotted)Coconut Milk Layer10g Agar Agar Powder160g Sugar500ml Fresh Coconut Milk450ml Water1/4 tsp Jelly Powder (optional)2pcs Pandan Leaves (knotted)*For milk layer, I used 950ml fresh milk in place of coconut [...]

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Coconut Milk Jelly (Nata De Coco & Tadpole) – By Wendy Kwan

Ingredients 1pkt Agar agar powder (10g)1pkt Tadpole (boil 5mins)1pkt Nata De Coco (coconut flavour, Jubes)250ml Fresh coconut milk (Heng Guan) add a pinch of salt150ml Syrup from Nata De CoCo 750ml Water6-8 tbsp SugarPink & Green food colouring14 cupsMethod1. Fill each cup with 6 cubes of Nata De Coco.2. Combine agar agar powder, water, syrup and sugar. [...]

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