Chocolate Roses Mantou – by Jenny Yennee

Ingredients 5g yeast 2tbsp water 500g unbleached flour 1 tbsp cocoa powder 40g fructose 250 - 290ml soymilk 30g grapeseed oil Method Combined yeast with 2tbsp water, 1tsp flour and fructose. Rest for 5mins. Put all ingredients ( except oil ) into mixing bowl and mix well. Add in corn oil and knead into a [...]

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Sweet potato mantou – Linda Wong

Recipe: Pau flour -300g Instant yeast - 5g Baking powder - 5g sugar -70g Vegetable oil - 25g Water 160g(depend on moisture of sweet potato) Sweet potatoes - 120g (steamed & mashed) Mix all ingredients till well blended & smooth. Divide the dough into 35-40g and shape into balls. Allow to rest for 30 mins [...]

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