Durian Ondeh Ondeh Gula Melaka Cake

☘Durian Ondeh Ondeh Gula Melaka Cake☘ by Carol Lee Gula Melaka Filling 135gm gula melaka - chopped into small pieces 75g water  1/2 cup fresh coconut - fry in pan on very low fire until dry Pandan leaves - knotted Steps boil gula melaka, water and pandan leaves, simmer until it thickens and sugar is dissolved  [...]

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Carrot & Apple Muffins – By Diana Chin

Tonight it was just spontaneous decision to bake carrot & apple muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast. Feeling happy that they turned out well. Crispy on top but moist inside and not too sweet too. I added some nuts like chopped almonds. Healthy muffins without using butter. INGREDIENTS: ( makes 12 muffins) 1/4 cup of pecans/walnuts/almonds) chopped [...]

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Bacon cocktail sausages n cheese muffins – by Tania Lim

Bacon cocktail sausages n cheese muffinsIngredients1 onion - chopped finely5 cocktail sausages - diced2 back/streaky bacon - cut into small pieces Stir fry all above ingredients1 cup self raising flour60ml milk1 eggWhisk the egg n add in milk and add in the ingredients mix well Add in the sieved flour n combine wellDo not over mix the [...]

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English muffin (Bread Machine Method) – By Cathryn Vincent Khoo

English muffin (Bread Machine Method)Ingredient (A)Bread flour 200gSugar 6gSalt 4gDry yeast 4gMilk 60gWater 8gOlive oil 10gIngredient (B)Corn meal flour - if don have use normal flour1). Put the wet ingredients first, followed by the Dry Ingredients in the BM and select the bread dough function.Let the BM do the 1st step.If no Breadmaker, have to [...]

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Banana coco muffin – by Wai Sum

Recipe: (Can yield 6muffins) 125g all purpose flour 5g unsweetened coco powder 50g white sugar 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 1/2 - 2 mashed bananas 80ml oil 1 egg, beaten 85g semisweet chocolate chips 1. Mixed mashes bananas, oil and eggs. 2. Combine flour, sugar, coco powder and baking powder. Stir in banana mixture. [...]

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Easy blueberry chocolate muffin without mixer – By Sin Wei

Easy Blueberry chocolate muffin without mixer  dry ingredient:-150g self raising flour-50g sugar-1/2 tsp of bicarbonate soda-pinch of saltwet ingredient:-1 egg(lightly beaten, room temp)-50g melted unsalted butter-100mls milk (room temp)*75g chocolate *75g blueberrysteps: mix dry into wet ingredients & lastly fold in blueberry & chocolate. bake for 20-25mins, 180 degree celcius.

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Savoury egg muffin – By Wai sum

ingredient:  3 beaten eggs dash with some pepper.  (Can yield 4 muffins)Filling is up to individual taste. For mine is diced ham, cheddar cheese and tuna.After put in the filling 80% full, pour in some beaten egg and stir with fork.Baked 180c, 25mins or until golden brown.Grease the muffin cup or muffin pan if it's [...]

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