Easy waffles – by Joey Foo

Easy waffles3 cups plain flour3 tablespoons granulated sugar1 tablespoon baking powder1 teaspoon fine salt3 eggs(whisked and set aside)3 1/4 cups fresh milk226g unsalted butter, melted & cooled1 tablespoon vanilla extractVegetable oil, for brushing the waffle pan(if yours tend to stick)Maple syrup, chocolate syrup or ice-cream, for topping on waffles(optional)1. Sift flour and baking powder together. [...]

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Pandan Waffles – by Joey Foo

Made Pandan waffles again but this time used my Waring Double Waffles maker. Crispy outside soft on the inside. My whole house smells so nice! I double the recipe to make 5 thick waffles. Easy and fail proof recipe. Recipe for Easy Pandan Waffles 125g plain flour 50g fine sugar 2 tsp baking powder 1/8 tsp salt 1 egg (whisk with fork) 1/4 tsp pandan [...]

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Belgian Liege Waffles – by Joey Foo

Belgian Liege Waffles Recipe(makes 14)7g instant yeast1/3 cup lukewarm water1 1/2 tbsp sugar(I used fine sugar)1/8 teaspoon salt220g flour3 eggs225g melted butter(cooled to rm temp)1 tsp vanilla extract3/4 tsp ground cinnamon(optional)3/4 cup crushed to big pcs from raw cube sugar(or white cube sugar)1. Mix the [...]

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pandan waffles – By Jennifer Seet

Ingredients / Method: 2 cups /256 g all-purpose flour(i use top flour)2 tsp baking powder1/2 tsp salt4 eggs yolks200ml coconut milk4tbsp melted butter/oil100ml milk100ml pandan juiceoptional a drop of green colouringMixed and whisk eggs n ingredients,add in sifted flour n remaining dry ingredients4 egg white70g to 90g sugarbeat egg white and sugar to stiff peak n [...]

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chocolate peanut brussels waffles 花生巧克力布鲁华夫 – by Victoria Moon Kua‎

chocolate peanut brussels waffles 花生巧克力布鲁华夫  recipe/食谱:http://bakingintotheether.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/chocolate-peanut-brussels-waffles-

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