Hainanese Chicken Rice With Homemade Chicken Rice Paste – by Hycinth’s Kitchen

Hainanese Chicken Rice With Homemade Chicken Rice Paste – by Hycinth’s Kitchen
This home made chicken rice paste has 3 uses: 
1) cooking Hainanese chicken rice 
2) as a dipping sauce for steam chicken or when eating chicken rice 
3) as a paste for steam fish or chicken. The paste can be kept up to 6 mths in the freezer

Hainanese Chicken Rice 
1 chicken abt 2kg, rub salt all over chicken and keep aside for 1 hr
4 cups rice
6pcs pandan leaves
2 stalks serai , smashed
2tbsps homemade Hainan chicken rice paste
Salt to taste

Put chicken in a pot, add in water till covers chicken
On fire and let water boils
Once water boils, off fire and let chicken in the pot of water for 1 hour
After an hour remove chicken and reserved chicken broth for cooking chicken rice. Chopped chicken into pieces when it’s cool
Wash rice, add in 2tbsps Hainan chicken rice paste, pandan leaves , serai and 5cups chicken broth and put to cook.
Once rice is cooked, taste and add in salt 
Serve chicken rice wif the chopped chicken

 Homemade Chicken Rice Paste 
500g ginger
200g garlic
100g shallots
300ml cooking oil

Blend all ingredients except cooking oil till fine. Put cooking oil in a wok, add in blended ingredients and cooked till aromatic for abt 1/2hr. Add in salt to taste.
When cooking the paste make sure keep stirring to prevent getting burnt
Paste can be kept for 6mths in the freezer

Cili sauce for chicken rice100g fresh red cili
100g ginger
2pip garlic
Juice from 6 kalamansi limes
1/2 tsp sugar, 1tp salt
Put all ingredients in a blender and blend till fine. Add 1tbp oil scooped from broth of boiled chicken.

Ginger Paste for Chicken Rice
Take 2-3tbsps Hainan chicken rice paste and add in 1tbsp chopped Chinese parsley
Add in 3tbsps chicken broth and give it a slight boil

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