Asian Bread Buns

make 8 soft fluffy Asian bread buns BM Creation Ingredients: 120gm of TangZhong (Water -- 125ml & Bread Flour -- 25gm) Full cream milk, scalded and cooled -- 125ml Salt -- 1 teaspoon/5gm Caster Sugar (Granulated Sugar) -- 4 tablespoons/55gm Bread flour -- 2.5 cups/350gm Milk Powder -- 1 tablespoon/ 7gm (Optional) Large Egg -- [...]

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(Bo Luo Bao 菠蘿包)

(Bo Luo Bao 菠蘿包) Sweet Bun Ingredient ( Make 8 Sweet Bun ) 200g Strong Bread Flour 100g Warm water 3g Dried Yeast 8g Milk Powder 20g Unsalted Butter 8g Custard Powder 2 Big Egg 30g Caster Sugar Step 1 Add the yeast to the warm water and wait for it to fermenate ( 5-10min [...]

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Milk Loaf – By Fiona Lau

NgaiLeng  (SHC) Ingredients: 320g bread flour 1 egg (about 50g)3/4 tsp instant dry yeast50g unsalted butter1/2 tsp salt20g fine sugar160g fresh milk 1. Mix all ingredients, except the butter, together into a lump. Let the dough rest for about 20 minutes.(I find by resting the dough, makes the kneading easier)2. Knead the dough until it is smooth. [...]

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5K老式面包 -By Monica Chan

5K老式面包  谱是来自aunty young材料: ( 1/2原食谱分量)酵头:高筋面粉105克低筋面粉45克细砂糖12克即发干酵母3克水120克主面团:高筋面粉105克低筋面粉45克细砂糖48克盐1/2+ 1/4匙奶粉12克蛋45克水27克黄油36克表面装饰:融化的黄油1。将酵头中的原料混匀,放温暖处发至膨胀后回落,内部呈蜂窝状(约80分钟)。 2。将1与主面团中除黄油以外的所有原料放在一起揉至面筋扩展,表面光滑。 3。加入黄油揉至扩展阶段,放温暖处发至约2倍大(60-70 分钟)。4。将面团取出,平均分割成6,份然后搓圆,排放在涂油后的烤盘,进行最后发酵约45 -60 分钟。5。最后发酵结束,面包表面刷上蛋液,送入预热180℃的烤箱,下层,上下火,30分钟左右。

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Hokaido Milk bun loaf with Chai Seeds -By Alyssa Yeo

Ingredient : 4 cups of Bread Flour1/2 cup of Cake flour31/2 tsp of instant yeast1/2 cup of sugar1 tsp of salt1 large egg250 ml of fresh milk ( I use meiji)200 ml of whipping cream (emborg )I used the bread maker set the function to dough.(Can use the mixer..use your dough hook)1.Place all your wet ingredients [...]

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Hokkaido Milk Bread with Tangzhong -By Cherlyn Kong

Hokkaido Milk Bread with Tangzhong -By Cherlyn Kong Trying this recipe for the first time and m lovin' it. The texture is super soft & fine. Adapted from Christine's Recipes. (A) Tang Zhong / Water Roux - 25g bread flour & 125g water (B) 280g bread flour, 40g sugar, 1 tsp salt, 5.5g yeast, 1 [...]

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