Tua Suan ( mung Bean Dessert ) – by Fiona Lau

Recipe sort from and credit to Dr Leslie Tay  

Modified Recipe By Fiona Lau  


500g Split Mung Beans

1 cup sugar

3 Tbsp gula Melacca

1 big knot pandan leave

70g sweet potatoes flour

2 ltr water

some salt

For serving:

Dough Fritter (chinese is You Tiao)


First wash and soak 500g split mung beans for 4 hour with water
Sprinkle with some salt over the beans and steam for 15mins or until it cooked.

rinse the cook bean with cold tap water to prevent the beans turn sticky and soggy

Bring boil 2 ltr of water.

Bundle the pandan leaves into a knot place in 2 ltr of boiling water.

Add 1 cups sugar and 3 Tbsp Gula melaka.

Simmer for about 20mins and Remove pandan leaves.

Dissolve 80g sweet potato flour in a bowl with enough water to dissolve the flour.

Add sweet potatoes starch slowly into sugar solution stir constantly till well mix.

Add in cooked mung beans into it  stir well

serve with dough fritter (you tiao)… yummy Tua Suan

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