Bake rice – Chicken bake rice

Chicken bake rice
My ingredients is agar agar one..
Chicken fillet – diced
Marinate with salt n black pepper for 15-30mins
Button mushroom – sliced
Bacon – chopped
Add a knob of butter n fry with garlic. Quickly add in the chicken, mushrooms n bacon cause garlic doesn’t neeed to be golden brown. Once chicken is cooked (some recipes wants it half cooked but i dont like to half cook food n trf to cook in another pot. ), u can set the the ingredients aside.
Wash ur desired amt of rice but add a bit more water than usual because need to bake later n will have loss of water..
Add a pinch of salt n pepper for flavouring.  Then add the cooked ingredients, stir a bit and set to cook.
Once cooked, pour rice into trays, cover cheese over rice, then AF at 200degrees 15min till cheese turn golden brown.
I got the recipe frm but i edited a bit..
It suggest to spread canned mushroom soup sauce on the rice before spreading cheese but i find it very salty so i opt it out.
It also suggest for cloves of garlic in the cooker, but i prefer to fry garlic with meat so its fragrant.
Preparation to serving time is abt 30mins. Very easy recipe.
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