Yam meatballs

Yam meatballs - by  Adeline Lee  Adapted from mykitchensnippets.comHere you go:Ingredients250gm chicken/ground pork125gm shrimps _ unshelled, deveined and minced100gm yam, steamed and mashed1 spring onion - cut small½ onion (diced)1 egg yolk1 tbs cornstarch1/2 tsp five spice powder1 tbs oyster sauce1 tbs soy sauce¼ tsp sesame oil1/4 tsp pepperSalt (if nec)Mix altogether and marinate at least [...]

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Hokkian Style Pork Meat balls – Kit Wai’s kicthen

【福建猪肉丸 Hokkian Style Pork Meat balls】(English Version)  - Kit Wai's kicthen - share by Jovita Ng 材料: 1) 猪肉碎 2公斤 2) 马蹄 600g (切碎) 3) 小葱头仔 1公斤 (切碎) 4) 蒜头 500g (切碎)  调味料: 1) 1 1/2茶匙 盐 2) 汤匙 生抽 3) 汤匙 薯粉 4) 面粉 250g 做法: 1) 把所有材料和调味料放入碗中拌匀至起胶。 2) 将肉馅放入掌心,握成拳,让肉馅从大拇指和食指形成的坏圈中挤出,形成丸子或直接搓成丸子。 3) 预先烧热油,将肉丸放入,炸至变金黄色或至熟即可。 原者温馨提醒: 1) 这个食谱的分量做出来蛮多的,可以吃几餐呢!( [...]

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Chinese Meats Roll ( Ngoh Hiang )

NGOH Hiang RecipeMakes 35- 40 rollsIngredients:Ingredients A500g ground pork250g shrimps (weight without shell), roughly diced250g (10 pieces) water chestnuts *, finely diced4-5 stalks scallion, finely chopped1 egg2 tbsp. soy sauce2 tbsp. chinese cooking wine2 tsp sesame oil1 tsp five spice powder1/2 tsp salt1/2 tsp pepper2 tbsp. cornstarchOther ingredients1 packet beancurd sheetsCooking oil for deep-fryingSweet soy [...]

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