Hong Kong milk pudding ( 2 Favor ) – by May Tay

姜汁撞奶 和 鲜奶焗蛋  Ingredients :2 egg whites220 ml fresh milk2 tbsp sugar2 tbsp ginger (omit if only want milk pudding) Method :1. Mix all ingredients together GENTLY till sugar is dissolved. Don't whip coz don't want foamy whites.    2. Grate ginger and juiced to get ginger juice. Place into the ramekins.3. Gently pour the milk [...]

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Ginger milk pudding – By Lynn Koo

Recipe for 2 serving  it is actually very simple easy and you can prepare it by 10mins:  Ginger milk pudding  350ml milk ( can't use soya )About 4 to 5 teaspoons of sugar40ml ginger juice, divided equally in each bowl n let the juice rest for about 2 minsHeat the milk to about 70 degree [...]

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Mango agar agar – healthier version of mango pudding- By Vivian Sia

Ingredients 1 packet agar agar powder 700ml water 300ml Carnation full cream milk 2 Thai honey mangoes (cubed) 8 tbsp. sugar 2 tsp mango essence 2 drops yellow colouring Steps Boil agar agar powder and sugar in water. Bring to boil. Add milk, mango essence and colouring. Bring to boil. Pour into mould and add [...]

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Bread butter pudding- By Fiona Lau

Bread butter pudding Ingredient: A) 15 eggs 1 ltr fresh milk 250g sugar B) 10 slices bread 50g raisins 100g butter (melted) Method: 1. Mix well ingredient A till sugar is well- dissolved 2. Cut bread into smaller pieces and arrange it into an over proof bowl. 3. Soften in with the melted butter. 4. [...]

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Strawberry Jelly Pudding -By Enny Yap

Strawberry Jelly PuddingBahan untuk strawberry jelly:  15g Strawberry jelly powder500ml Water75g Sugar   Masak bahan strawberry jelly biarkan hingga dingin.  lalu potong kotak kotak. Bahan untuk Agar-Agar putih   100g Agar-Agar powder (plain Jelly powder)3 tsp Susu kental manis700 Water Masak bahan agar agar tuang ke Salam loyang 20x20  biarkan agak dingin lalu masuk kan potongan strawberry jelly.

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Oreo Dust Pudding with Just only 4 Ingredient Needed – By Lilian Quek Sng

Oreo Dust Pudding with Just only 4 Ingredient Needed (Adapted from Portuguese sawdust pudding recipe) This is supposed to be made with tea biscuits, brown ones. But I didnt have any so I substituted with Oreo. Ingredients 1. Tea biscuits:- 100g (I used a whole tube that u can buy at $1 each) but NOT [...]

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Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding( 焗蘋果玉桂麵包布丁) – By Bonny Yan

Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding 焗蘋果玉桂麵包布丁Materials: Milk 60ml, Evaporated milk (or whipping cream) 60ml, 1-2 tablespoons of condensed milk (or sugar 20g), 1 egg, 1-2 slices of toast, Apple half, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon butter, Granulated sugar 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon rum, Vanilla essential oil 1/2 tsp A little cinnamon, Raisins / dried cranberries little amount - raisin / dried cranberries or rum soaked with water ( to avoid the process of baking coke [...]

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Homemade Vanilla Pudding – Thinkarete lifestyle’s

Sometimes all we need is a bowl of creamy smooth Vanilla Pudding. It is amazing how you can take everyday ingredients like milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla, and transform them into a dessert that tastes so good. It is easy to make, and your can eat it hot, at room temperature, or even cold. It [...]

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