Rock Buns – by Josephine Liabraxna Wee

Rock Buns.. A family fav always.. Something i learned many many many years ago in Sec 1.. Ingredients : 200g Self Raising Flour 100g salted butter (cold - cubed) 100g sugar (I like to use coarse sugar) 1 egg 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla essence (I use vanilla paste) 1 tbsp milk/honey/water Dried fruit [...]

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finished longevity bun.( 寿桃 ) – By Doris Rose Ang

(A)ingredient: 500g HK flour, 1tsp baking powder,  1 1/2 tsp yeast, 100g sugar,  1tsp spong gel,  45g shortening. (B)ingredient:  50g plain flour,  1/8tsp baking powder,  1/8tsp yeast,  1/2 tbsp sugar,  1/8tsp spong gel,  1tsp shortening,  30ml warm water, green color.  Mix all (A) ingredients, except shortening. Slowly add in 230 - 250ml warm water n [...]

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pande pao in phil…or pork bun – by Julie David

Here is the recipie for the filling...3 shallots diced1 tsp sunflower 4 tsp oyster sauce11/2 tsp dark soy sauce2tsp tomato puree (i use ketchup if no tomato puree)11/2 tbsp sugarPinch of pepper6 tablespoon of chicken stock1 tsp sesame oil1 tsp potato starch2 tsp shaoxing wine300g roasted pork ( chop into small pieces)Hard egg at your choice( [...]

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〜生肉包〜 tasted satisfied very soft and loose ^ o ^ Health bun ~ ~ ~ The basic approach buns skin Materials : 300g Hong Kong flour / bread flour 5g of dry yeast 5g Double baking powder / Baking powder 70 grams of sugar 20g shortening    120-150cc Water Practice: 1 ) The Hong Kong flour, yeast , baking [...]

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vegetable Pau 大菜包 – By Fiona Lau

Vegetable Pau  大菜包 - By Fiona Lau Ingredients for Pau skin: 4gm instant yeast 180ml water 100g Plain Flour 180g Bread Flour 50g wholemeal Flour 50gm fine sugar 1 tsp (5gm) double action baking powder 25gm shortening / vegetable oil Ingredients for filling  500g medium turnip (grater) 1 small carrot (shredded) 3 tbsp dried prawns [...]

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Turnips vegetable pau – by Fiona Lau

recipe adapted.. tks q~~~Teng SK诚意分享~~~ 沙葛蔬菜包 内馅材料: 1)莎葛(刨丝) 2)红萝卜(刨丝) 3)虾米(切幼) 调味料: 1)蚝油 2)麻油 3)酱青 4)白糖 5)盐 做法: 1.热锅下2汤匙油,炒香虾米,再加入沙葛丝和红萝卜丝! 2.把调味料加入一起炒。再加入勾芡水收汁! 包子皮料:(12pcs) 11/2 tsp 即溶酵母 200g 温水 (大约) 30g 幼糖 300g 包粉 1/2tsp双倍发粉 1汤匙白油 做法: 1.)把酵母、糖和温水搅溶。 2.)加入其它材料搓成光滑面团。水份不够可自行加水至成软团即好.发酵30-40分钟至双倍大。 3.)整形,分割50g一份,搓圆,压扁,杆成中间厚边薄, 包上馅料,捏成包子形。排在油纸上。 4.)待发30-45分钟或至发酵至平滑 5) 水煮滚后用中火蒸15分钟 Turnips vegetable pau Stuffing materials: 1) Shage (grater) 2) carrot (shredded) 3) shrimp (cut juvenile) [...]

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