cream puff – by Weiwei Karen

Original recipe from Carol Hu. Translated using my own version. Ingredient Water 85cc Salt 1/8tsp Unsalted butter 45g Cake flour 55g Egg 2pcs Place butter, salt and water in a saucepan over medium heat.  When butter is melted and it starts to boil, turn to low heat Add cake flour all at once and stir [...]

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Cream Puff

Cream Puff - by Mai Abdul Ingredients: 125gm plain Flour 100gm butter 250ml water 1tbl spoon fine sugar 1tsp vanilla essence A pinch of salt 3 large eggs Methods: Preheat oven 200C, line baking sheet with parchment paper, I used silicon baking mat u can also used ur macaron silicon mat for smaller size or [...]

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Chicken Pot Pie With Ready Puff Pastry – by Fiona Lau

This classic recipe that is baked in the oven to give that dough on top the perfect doneness and golden brown colour. Usually pie crust is used, but I using ready puff pastry, is giving you even more crunchy and delicious. Satisfy with cravings with this comfort food!.. really yummy .. Recipe source FoodForLife Ingredients 1 [...]

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Pineapple Puffs ~ Patricia BeBe

Butter - 95gIcing Sugar - 30gPlain flour - 150gMilk powder - 15gEgg Yolk - 1pcPinch of saltPineapple Jam( 2 egg yolks for egg wash )Method ~1) Cream butter & icing sugar till fluffy.2) Add flour, milk powder, salt & 1 egg yolk. Mix well to form a dough. 3) Divide dough into small pieces, shape into [...]

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Delicious Cream Puff

Ingredient for Cream Puff 500gm water 200gm Butter 250gm Plain Flour 6 Eggs Boil the 500gm water over the stove add in the Butter to slowly melt the butter oce the Butter is completely melt and the water starts to boil, add in the Flour and continue to keep stirring. The dough will become dry [...]

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