Delicious Cream Puff

Ingredient for Cream Puff
500gm water
200gm Butter
250gm Plain Flour
6 Eggs

Boil the 500gm water over the stove
add in the Butter to slowly melt the butter
oce the Butter is completely melt and the water starts to boil, add in the Flour and continue to keep stirring.
The dough will become dry and not stick to the side, thats when it is ready. let it cool abit then add in the 6 eggs and stir again over small flame. Stir until it is concentrated ( slight white smooth paste )

Bake in the oven @ 170 degree for about 15min, drop the temperture to 160 degree for 15 min and off the temperature for another 15 min

Ingredient for Cream
2 Cups  – Evaporate Milk
70gms  – Custard Power
10 Tbsp – Sugar
14gm – Butter
3 Cups – Water
2 Eggs Yolk + 1 Egg

Dissolve the custard powder with some water , add in the sugar , bring the ater to a boil
add in the 2 cup of evaporate milk , , pour into the mixture, use medium flame and keep stiring the mixture, do opt stop stirring or it will get lumpy, just before it thicken, add in the butter, contiue to stir , add in the beaten the egg + the egg yolk  until it thicken. Once it start to thicken, off the fire and leave it to cool.

Now the Puff is ready, cut the Puff in the centre and put in a spoon of the custard cream

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