Fried Ice-Cream – by Hazel Tan

Fried Ice-Cream  Ingredients: Bread Ice-cream Cup/round containers Ziplog bag How to Do: 1. Take a piece of bread, place an adequate amount of ice-cream in the middle (do not put too much, otherwise the ice-cream will flow out) 2. Cover with another slice of bread and then use a cup or a round container to [...]

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Cream Ice Cream

Cream Ice Cream 1)Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Recipe & KitchenAid Ice Cream Ingredients 1 cup of milk (we had 2% in the house and it worked out well) 2 cups heavy cream ¾ cup sugar pinch of salt 20 Oreo cookies Instructions Combine milk, sugar and salt in a bowl and whisk until sugar [...]

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Bailey’s Ice-cream – By Lena Lai

Ingredients : 2 cups of heavy cream 1 cup whole milk ½ cup granulated sugar 2 shots of Bailey’s Irish cream – 90ml 2 tbsp of instant coffee Method : With ice-cream maker Warm ½ cup of milk (do no boil) hot enuf to dissolve sugar. Reserve 4 tbsp of warm milk to dissolve the [...]

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Baileys iris cream with coffee ice cream- By Kim Turtle

Ingredient: 2 egg yolks, 25g caster sugar  125ml full cream milk, 2tbsp instant coffee  250g topping cream  1 1/2 tbsp Baileys iris creamMethod :A) Use mixer beat eggs & sugar until become white.B) Boiled full cream milk, add in coffee & method A. Stir until all mix well. Put aside. Wait until cold.C) Use mixer [...]

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Home Make Chocolate Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Machine

 Home Make Chocolate Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Machine  Coffee mate 150gSuper fine sugar 40gEvaporated milk 400mlCocoa powder 15gMix all ingredients into a big bowl. Use cling firm (保鲜膜)to cover and put in to freezer for 5 hours. Use mixer until double up the size. Put into container and freeze it.

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