Hokkaido Milk Loaf (Tangzhong Method) ~ 北海道牛乳面包 (汤种法) – by Fiona Lau

Recipe ( from Christine's recipes ) Tangzhong Method 25gm bread flour 125gm water * Mix the flour and water with a whisk to combine and break the lumps. Then cook over low medium fire , stirring along the way till it becomes thick and turn into a paste. This will only takes probably 2 mins..or if you have [...]

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Hokkaido Milk Loaf – By Fiona Lau

Ingredient: 500gm Bread flour 60gm Cake flour 10gm instant yeast 30gm Milk powder 80gm Sugar 6gm Salt 1 large Egg 250gm Fresh milk 130gm Whipping cream 49 gm unsalted butter, melted I just Put all of the ingredients into the bread maker machine in the order recommended by the manufacturer. Program the machine for basic white bread  [...]

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